Orchestrator API using nuget package download

How to download packages from orchestrator using API

you can explore with Postman or swagger the API

taken from: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/automation-cloud/latest/api-guide/api-references

have a look on this endpoint:

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Please checkout the following thread. It has all the necessary details:

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I tried the same ‘get’ option, but its returns null.

should not, but as we cannot see / can inspect on what was done in general we are limited in the support. Hope you have found also from the link shared by Arjun

i hope after running this get function, the specified package will download into our local path , is it?

could you see anything wrong here?

Is the nuget package located in the Tenant feed or a Folder feed? If it’s in a folder feed you’ll need to supply an additional argument that is the feedId of that folder, which you can obtain from the PackageFeeds API.


its in tenant only

What’s the response code that you’re getting when you run the bot? Is this in UiPath Cloud or on-prem Orchestrator? I would suggest trying it out on the Swagger page before coming to the robot.

Not getting any error code, returns null, package didnt downloaded.
i used premise only

Try the query out by going to your OrchestratorURL/swagger and see how the query goes.


I guess you cannot use orchestrator http request or need to see if there is a payload option to include the folder to download the file…as in orchestrator http you cannot define any resource path as this returns a file

Can you try using http request please…


Any sample reference code pls?


You can check here on how to authenticate and use api

And in http request activity in the properties you have an option save response to file or save response attachment…and give a path to it…the nupkg would be saved in that location