How to download multiple PDF for different items?

Hello Good People,

I’m attempting to download multiple files from a system.
So, as you can see in the screenshot, I click on the view button, then I download on the page that follows, but I have to return to the page and then click on the next item.
Until the very last item.

Kindly advise.
Kakooza Allan Klaus

Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus ,

For Returning to the Previous Page, You could use Go Back Activity if you use Classic Experience else In Modern Design you will be able to find Navigate Browser Activity, which contains the Option to go back to the Previous Page.

For Clicking on the Next View Button, we would require to know if Data Scraping/Table Extraction of the Table containing the view buttons is possible. Also we would require to Check the Selector of the View Button for identifying an attribute that would help us identify the row number.

Hello @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus ,

Please inspect on any of the 2 view buttons and see whether you are able to find some rownumber, idx or some other attribute which differentiate both those View button. if you are able to find it, then you can use a While loop along with the combination of Element exists and Click activities can complete your requirement.

Please check that and update here.

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Thanks @supermanPunch for your quick response.

My issue is with implementing the extraction of data for multiple clients because I succeeded for one.
And am not using Data Scraping because that’s not where my interest lies scrapping the data doesn’t download the desired PDF file

Thanks @Rahul_Unnikrishnan for the quick response.

It does have a unique identifier in the href tag.

can you share the screenshot of the selector here?

Bro @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

I have gotten the Unique Identifier in the href tag and it is like that

So how can I just be navigating to the page with the uniqueID

Kindly advise

Hello @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus ,

The unique ID will not helpful here. There should be something which determines the order. Like First view button is having rownum=1, Second view button is having rownum=2 etc…

Please share the screenshot of the UI explorer here.

The tableRow seems to the unique one those it starts at 3
When you click to the next page it goes back to 3 again

Ok…So for each view button is it changing in a sequential way?
1-2-3-4 like that?

Per page it is
But changes for other pages again

Ok… the for each page you can create an inner loop( while activity) and pass the tableRow dynamically using a counter.

Let me try it put and we see
Incase I get stack on how to write that code am going to reach out

The real question is how do I write a loop that increments by one starting with 3 and performs a click
Kindly advise on that bro

I finally hacked the problem by using data scraping where I only extracted the URL from the view button since it was unique for every view button them I looped through all of them using a for each

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