Download the multiple files from multiple pages

Hello Everyone
I’m new in UiPath so can you please me out how can i download the multiple files from the multiple pages Please help me out from this

You mean web pages

yes sir @Palaniyappan

I would recommend to have a view on these thread for more insights

Cheers @Akash5

@Palaniyappan sir this is the website
and when we reach on this website firstly we click on registered project then click on advance search then select the maharashtra state then select the ahemadnagar district then click on search then the pages are appear then i want to download the pdfs which is under the view application and i want to download the all pdfs from all pages so please guide me sir and i will attach the my main file so please check it out this
Download (35.0 KB)

@Akash5 I guess you can use datascarping if the data is in Table and extract the URL. And to download, you can navigate to those URLs one by one.

Hello @Akash5

For Each pageUrl In pageUrls
    Open Browser pageUrl

Extract download links and store them in a variable called downloadLinks

For Each downloadLink In downloadLinks
    Navigate To downloadLink
    Wait For Download

Thanks & Cheers!!!