How to do excel loop

for example name and email with abc1 and how to loop these up to for example 10 rows in excel

To clarify… are you saying you want to create a new Excel document with 10 rows of this from scratch, using UIPath?

If so… that would be relatively easy:

  1. Build data table having 2 string columns
  2. Grab a For each or While loop and loop on an array of integers from 1-10
  3. In the loop body, use Assign to append the current loop integer to your 2 different variable values
  4. Add data row to create a new row, and supply your 2 variables
  5. After the loop… use Write range at the end to push your data table into an Excel worksheet.
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Here’s my example: createExcelRows_Example.xaml (8.1 KB)

What it does:

Loop through a array of integers (1 to 10) and fill the excel sheet with it

PS* I done without any datatable. Only write cell activity and For Each activity

Hope it helps :smiley:

Thanks lucas u helped me with a simple process :slight_smile:

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