How to display a workflow as a view?


Hello all,

I’m trying to display a workflow in a way by which even a commoner can make sense of it (step-by-step process). I tried debug in which everything happens in a jiffy. How can I make this workflow move slowly?



Hi @Amitha

have you tried State Machine? State machine is good way and it consists of a set of states. One state is denoted as an initial state. Each state can receive a certain set of events. Based on an event, a transition can be made to another state. The state machine workflow can have a final state. When a transition is made to the final state, the workflow finishes.

You can easily identify the component what they are doing by their titles and a module component will bind this things inside it.


How to handle this Error?

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Is there a way in which a sequence can be directly converted into a flowchart?


Their is no such utility i guess.You have to do this :slight_smile:, Convert just use sequence and put it into Flowchart activity and use your sequences and connect them each other with flow decisions and one node as a start node.



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