State machines VS Sequences VS Flowchart

Hi all, I have a question in regards to this UIPath DUMP question I came across on the internet.
Why is the answer for this question “State Machine” instead of Sequence, as I understand State machines is for more complex automations. I would have selected Sequence as the answer.

  1. You need to collect employees data and send it by email as an Excel file.

What type of workflow is the most suitable for the final part, which adds the file attachment, formats the email, and sends it?

  • Sequence
  • Flowchart
  • State Machine
  • Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)

Hi @Sidney_Vogel ,

Thinking from a design perspective, and assuming your entire process is just those two actions, you want to isolate components (states), so you have a modular, easy-to-troubleshoot code. Therefore, a good option is to separate your ‘get data’ and your ‘process’ states so you can scale or reuse its components.

Hope this gives you some clarity. Happy automation :robot: !

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