Converting a sequence to a flowchart

Scenario: I find that as some sequences mature, it may become more complicated with nested IF statements, etc. Not all of them, but some. Then I know I need to convert it to a flowchart (manually) and this takes some to do even using side-by-side copy/paste.

Idea: It would be great if there was a tool or option that would automatically convert a sequence to a new flowchart. Maybe this exists and I just didn’t see it yet. Any tips and tricks are certainly welcome.

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Hey @Richard_King :wave:

I don’t think there are options or tools to do this and as a best practice, I recommend you to do this manually so you don’t miss out on any variables (which might be important in your workflow).

Hey, do share if you find any new ways of solving this!


I would vote for such shortcut function.
You would right click on a Sequence and click Convert to Flowchart
It would create a nice flowchart with same order of activities as it was in Sequence.
It would convert Ifs to Flow Decisions and Switches to Flow Switches.
It could save some time :wink:

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Hi @Richard_King

We are welcoming your suggestion but UiPath introduced different type of workflows based on specific purpose. When we convert from one type to another there will be multiple parameters should be taken care. Sometimes its going to be double work.

Sequences have a simple linear representation that flows from top to bottom and are best suited for simple scenarios when activities follow each other.

Flowcharts offer more flexibility for connecting activities and tend to lay out a workflow in a plain two-dimensional manner.

Above are the specific purpose each workflow.

Hope this will useful. Thank you.