How do you transition a workflow to a previous workflow

Hey guys

How do you transition a workflow to a previous workflow? I basically want the robot to finish its process and at the end. Go back to start and run again until it’s finish. So like a transition workflow. I know they use it in the reframework, if I am thinking right?

Yah we can use FLOW CHART for this
Like use links from START Node and include the workflow only by one in sequence (it can be even sequence with set of activities in it)
And if we want we can connect the last workflow and again the first or any workflow we want to run by connecting it back
So it goes like a chain of activity

Yah we do the same in REFramework also but with states and transitions

Cheers @bobby

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Is it possible to do it without the flow chat. As I am using the main and sequences extracted as workflows.

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Yah without flowchart it’s possible but it will make the appearance of the design more complex though it’s easier

No worries we can call sequence or workflows inside FLOWCHARTS as well

As the appearance is the first key that would help us to go through the workflow in a easier way
So to make it simple and easier to read I would suggest to go for flowchart in your case buddy
though we got a choice
Cheers @bobby

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Ok thanks for the advice buddy. :grin:

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