Excel - Update Link Popup

Hi, I am having issues trying to get UiPath to interact with the popup that appears upon startup about updating links with external sources. I have tried using a parallel activity that would click the first update button but then it will not click the next button for the following popup. Is there a way to handle this without disabling update link on startup?

You can use On Element Appear to deal with pop ups… Did you try it out?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

It doesn’t seem to work. The bot won’t click on the button.

What sort of a popup that does appear? is it in a browser? or a windows message? can you share few screen snippets of those messages you get? Just trying to get an idea about what you are dealing with…

This is the popup I am referring to.

You i suppose you are clicking on the “Update” button to continue… Could you share the selector for the update button as well as for the entire message?

On element exists selector
This is for the first button
This is for the second button
Message 1

Message 2

Can you try removing the title and cls parts from your selector to see whether it gets validated through the UI Explorer… does it work?


Why do you have to click Update then Continue, instead of Don’t Update, because if you click Don’t update it will continue without asking you to continue like when you try to update then MS Excel fail to update and ask if you want to continue

Hi, it doesn’t seem to work still


I Excel file’s ribbon tab. Click Edit links, Click Startup prompt, select don’t display the alert and don’t update automatic links. then save… You wont get the pop up again. :slight_smile:



I’m facing the same problem and I found this topic with quite some suggested solutions.
I haven’t tried it yet but you can already have a look as well if it is more urgent in your case:

You can open the Excel through Execute Macro, within that macro you can disable all the excel popup.

You can deactivate the popup in Excel’s options:


I am using “using don’t display the alert and update links”, but the values are not updated while executing the process even though they are updated when I manually open the file. Di tou have an idea why is this happening? Thank you.

This helped a lot