How to disable numlock permanently using uipath keyboard shotcuts

I have a scenario where I need to go to the end of line in PCOMM Screen- when I use “[k(num1)]” in typeinto with setting input mode to hardware events, it does go to end of line but this works only when numlock is disabled. If the numlock is enabled, “[k(num1)]” will not work as it types ‘1’ instead of going to end of line. Is there a way to disable numlock permanently?

I tried using keyboard shortcut ‘num’ with input mode as ‘hardware events’. If initially numlock is enabled on the screen, after executing this code it disables the num lock. then in the next run it enables. This way I will never know when numlock will be enabled/disabled. This will be so confusing. Is there a way to completely disable numlock ?


Can you try to send End key? In many case, because, in many case, num1 is assigned End key if numlock is disabled .



If I use End key, it completely deleted the text present on the line


All right. How about the following?

First, check if num locked is eanbled or not using the following expression.


Next, if it’s enabled, send Num key as the following.


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@Yoichi Thank you. Your solution worked.

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