How to go to end of line in Uipath Studio - version using 2020.10.2


I have a scenario where I need to go to end of line in PCOMM screen. On the PCOMM screen, end of line command is ‘END’ key present on the Number keypad on the keyboard (number keypad on the right side of the keyboard).

To achieve this UiPath studio, I used keyboardshorcuts and passed the ‘end’ key combination which didn’t work. it rather deleted the entire text. Tried using Typeinto as well by providing special key ‘end’ which also didn’t work. Tried passing ‘1’, didn’t work.

Would anyone please advise on how to achieve the functionality of ‘got to end of line’?


Some SS of your code could be helpful. How are you recording the shortcut? What shows when you press the key - is it a “1” or the word “End”?

It could be that the way Keyboard Shortcuts emulates the key may not be the right encoded value that is going to the terminal. When you tried TypeInto - did you try setting the Input mode to “Hardware events”?

try this

if youre trying to use the end key

When I use Type into, I tried with all these

  1. “1” - added number 1
  2. “[k(end)]” - this deleted the text present on the line
  3. “[k(num1)]” - This worked with setting input mode to ‘Hardware events’

Thanks Scott

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Hi @sunit30 ,

Could you try this method instead of hotkey? (10.2 KB)