Send Control Key - Numpad plus (Fieldplus)


I’m using Ui Path’s internal Terminal session and want to send control key plus (+) on the number pad. In 5250 keyboard this is called FieldPlus, the action is different depending on the field type. For example if a numeric field it will justify to the right my entry.
I have tried various options like hotkey, typeinto but they don’t seem to work with the Terminal session.

Has anyone else encountered this before?

Yes I faced a similar problem. To solve that I had to edit the keyboard that my Host session used. I mean, in my case, i had to change the action that enter of the numPad was doing for what i need.

I explain myself: my numEnter was appending a new line when i press it, and i wanted to confirm action. So I had to change the action that numEnter was doing for the action that normal Enter did.

I hope you understand me friend.


I’ve automated some tasks in an AS400 terminal and had to experiment with different control key combinations. Also changing the provider seemed to change the behavior (I ended up going with UiPath internal).

hi I just want to connect with the ibm mainframe application personal communicator can I know how to make use of terminal session activity

@kiran_dev you better should create a new post to ask it but…

Activity-> “Terminal Session” … inside it…

Your existing profile must be .ws. Then click ok and an image like this should appear:

Now you can record your activities

error mainframe … I am doing the same thing but unable to launch the application

Sorry… Im not expert in termimal sessions…:cry:

I understand what you are saying however when I remap the keys so that the numpad+ key is now assigned to a different control key when using UI path internal it ignores my mapped keys and uses the default for the control key.

oh… :frowning: sorry… Dont know how to help…

sorry to bump and old thread, but we just ran into the same situation (needing to send a literal Number Pad Plus to a terminal session) and we found a solution that works without having to use a Terminal activity or remapping keys (both of which were not available to us):


using [k(add)] seems to send a literal + from the number pad, which is compatible with our terminal emulator (Mocha 5250). We can also use "ABC[k(numEnter)]" when we want to send a literal Enter from the number pad.

Hope this helps someone in the future :slight_smile: