Detect color and put data

There is problem in detect the color from webpage…
If green dot then write “Active”
if Red Dot then Write “Inactive”…in excel…
I want output llike…

Ra | Inactive | 5h 07m | 62
sh | Active | 6h 55m | 7…in excel

unclear if this detection is done for datascraping or as a single action. Also some screenshot could help.

In general with the retrieval of some information on:

  • css class name
  • image source url

a majority of evaluations were possible.

In case of the value of a CSS Property is to evaluate have a look here:

For getting some help related to datascraping have a look here:

Hi @Shubham_Akole :wave:

This can be achieved but, I want to see the selectors and their properties. Is it possible that you can share a screenshot perhaps?


Appreciate your efforts @Shubham_Akole but I need to see the selectors screenshot.

How we get that…??

in case of a tool supported approach for collecting and sharing selector information is needed have a look here:

otherwise give some details from uiExplorer and/or Web Tools (Browser F12) and show us the two different details for the red and green icon/info case

it looks like the class name is triggering the status/color
classname for red: status-icon ng-star-inserted break
classname for green: status-icon ng-star-inserted computer

can you verify this?

if this is working, then lets grab the class name of this div with datascrapping (as described in link from above) and it can be later evaluated / processed.


Where i change? I am share data definition from data scramping…

Data .txt (1.1 KB)

just read the article / howto. It is describing on how to modify for retrieving the class names. As i dont have the control to inspect all selector options for fine tuning the selector, it requires to get be done by you

Data .txt (1.1 KB)
Data defination is like that