UiPath to read a online timetable and then pick an avaliable engineer


This is a table published on a website. It is written with HTML.
My objective is to have UiPath pick an engineer based on the engineer’s available timeslot. How can i achieve this?

You need to check the selector from UiExplorer and search for the Unique element to identify which is available, check the selector change for available engineer and unavailable engineer and compare


Hi Ksrinu,

appreciate if you can elaborate. im pretty new to UiPath. thank you.

Using click activity, you can indicate on the white space(which is available i believe), check that selector by edit selector

repeat the same with the blocked or not available which is colored and compare both selectors and find the difference.

IF you didn’t find any then use UI explorer for the element

Hope this will helps


I used click activity on Engineer H and screenshot the ''Selector Editor".
the difference is “TableCol”
how does this helps? appreciate the elaboration…

This is the 'Selector Editor" of block space.

This is the 'Selector Editor" of white space.

Ok, that you can see when normal edit selector selected.

But you need to do automation based upon the colour which is in CSS code, for that you need to expand the selector using UiExplorer and capture that.

Or you can try by datascrapping and try to get the results - as a work around


i figured out in using the UiExplorer. screenshot both blocked and whitre space. But i do not see which color

This is the 'Selector Editor" of block space.

This is the 'Selector Editor" of white space.