Text not deleting even Empty filed is selected

I am using Typeinto Activity fro modifying the data and I opted for emptyfiled in properties but even its not deleting if the text length is high. if the existing text is short then its fine and if its long text then its not erasing complete text and typing the new text. please advise me how to delete the long text completely and type new text.

Hi @ks185332,
I am not sure just try,
Use send hot key ctrl +A and delete key (selector is text box selector).
After that use type into to type the text

I used as it is but it snot working. I didnt use the type into activity here I used only sendhot key ctrl+A and snedhotkey del. Selector is text box. this is done using citrix

Hi Sambana ,

What Studio version are you using? Also, with the long text, does it work when you try to delete manually?

It’s probably due to a malfunction, but you should be able to use a shortcut (like CTRL+A and the DELETE) to erased automatically. Even if it’s extra work, the robot will do it so quick that it won’t have any impact in the performance.

Ver-2017.1.6, and Ma bale to delete it manually like right clik and select all then delete as Ctrl+A is not working even in manually.

If it’s not working manually, then the Robot cannot do it automatically. See how you can delete the text manually and then try to do the same steps in Studio.

my question is like why its not deleting when empty filed box is checked. it si working for short text not working on long text its deleting only few words not complete text.

I’m not sure why it isn’t working, but you could use some keys to delete field in the TypeInto.
For example,


So it does Home,Shift+End to highlight all text in field.

EDIT: I guess Ctrl+A works too

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sorry ctrl +A is not working on this text box

This worked for me: