How to delete rows from an excel file

Good afternoon, I have a spreadsheet where I want to delete rows that includes a specific word, but can this be done without a data table?

thank you.

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This can be accomplished with the ‘Insert/Delete Rows’ activity within an Excel Application Scope. Using an if statement that tests if your specific word is in the row.

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should the if condition contain the word I’m looking for? Sorry but I’m not an expert here and I got stuck in this process.

thank you.

Could you try this:



this is how it looks my Excel application scope, not sure how to add what you tell me.

not sure what I’m doing wrong, it is giving me an error, here is a screenshot

Could you hover over and show what the error is?

What versions of Studio and UiPath.Excel.Activities do you have?

@markostripe there you have to use workbook activity not the excel application scope. and to achieve your requirement you can try like this use excel application scope and pass the path in it and use read range activity store it in a variable say give if condition like dt1.rows.contains("word you’re looking for ") now if it find the word in a row it will go to then condition there you can give whether you can want to delete or anything

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Was there more that you meant to add to this comment?

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2017 1.6435 is what it says.

Hello, I am totally confused here, here is what I have, and it says that rows is not part of string, sorry but I’m a beginer on this, hope you can help.