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I have a spreadsheet in an Excel file where I want to delete rows which have columns populated in a certain way, but can this be done without a data table?
Can youplease share a sample workflow?
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Yes of course we can remove set of rows without datatable
โ€”Itโ€™s possible either with VBA script
But itโ€™s not that robust and bit complicated
โ€”Or still we got another option like
Insert/Delete rows activity

With which we can delete
โ€” even to be better to go for using datatable
Which has many simple ways that include
โ€” Filter datatable activity
โ€”remove datarows
โ€” DefaultView menthods

Fine kindly refer for example on deleting rows of excel without datatable

Hope this would help you
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Thank you @Palaniyappan.
How is it possible to filter the rows to delete?
Not by indexes?
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yes of course
in filter datatable activity along with filter wizard
we got two radio button options
with remove we can filter the one we dont need
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You Replied on different topic than mine is : Remove rows Containing a Keyword A3.
Anyway Thanks for Your Prompt Responses.

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