Delete specific rows in excel

I wish to delete a row in excel that contains a cell containing text xyz. The excel is the result of appending different excel documents therefore the location of this cell is variable. How can I teach my robot to delete the row that contains a cell containing a specific value? I have tried different methods but I am really struggling to find the correct action.

you can do this

  1. read excel into datatable variable (read range)

  2. use filter datatable activity , select remove
    and specify the column name e.g. “Header1”,

  3. write the new datatable

are you using excel aplication scope ??

if your are using inside excel application scope then you can use BALAREVA activities(Package available n manage packages)

Or else you can use link query
dt1 = dt1.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(row) Not row(“column1”).ToString.Contains(“keyword”) ).CopyToDataTable

write the dt1 to a new sheet you will get that rows without that keyword

Thanks for replying Jack. I don’t know what version of UiPath you are using. I cannot use the read range activity. I am using the studiox version.

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Hi Sree, thanks for replying. I am not using excel application scope. Would I be able to what you just said on Uipath studiox?

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with studioX @antonino.delfiorebroca
Main.xaml (8.9 KB)


yes you try the link query

Jack, For some reason I do not have the activities “read range” and “filter data table”. Also StudioX canno open the file you attached. Do you know why this happens?

i am using studioX too !

can you send me your whole project folder as a .zip