How can i delete a row from an excel ? Is there any activity outside excel application scope

i wanted to delete a row from an excel if a condition is satisfied.i used “delete/insert row” activity with inside the excel application scope .I want the activity can use outside the excel application scope.
Anyone pls help?


Checkout this


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Alternately, using the Datatable methods, We should be able to delete the row from the Excel, But provided we would require to clear the sheet and update the Sheet with the Filtered values from the Datatable.

You could try following the below steps :

  1. Read the Excel sheet as a Datatable, say DT.
  2. Filter the Datatable, so that you keep only the rows which are Required, and the result is stored in FilteredDT.
  3. Next, You can use Write Cell Activity to delete all the rows present in the Excel sheet. With Range as "A1:E"+(DT.Rows.Count+1).ToString and value as "" (Empty String) .
  4. Next, Use Write Range Activity and write the FilteredDT to the same sheet.

For cases, where you do not know the Last Column Name, you could refer this post, as the below post also describes on clearing the Sheet without Excel installed.