How to delete Robots in Robot tray

Hi guys,

I have 3 robots assigned in robot tray. I need to delete them. Can anyone help me with this?

in robot tray it would show actually the process tagged to that robot
if we delete those process in ORCHESTRATOR then it wont show in robot tray

Cheers @Irfan

@Palaniyappan I deleted those process and still it’s showing in robot tray

Kindly refresh once in robot tray

@Palaniyappan I did every thing bro. But, It’s showing

Disconnect the robot and connect again

@Maneesha_de_silva Bro, Robot is in disconnected stage. When I am trying to connect with orchestrator it throws an error “Invalid machine Key”.

You can refer below screenshot. I need to delete those processes from the robot tray. I deleted those are from orchestrator process.

For invalid machine key mean you have to province your robot with machine, can do on orchestrator
Create new machine and assign the bot forit

For delete those process, I have idea , but crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just delete your packages that install in your pc
Be sure keep a backup :wink:

is the right process deleted in orchestrator buddy
or go to C:/ProgramData/UiPath/Projects and delete the files if any there
and refresh here in the robot tray


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Hi @Irfan
please delete your Nupkg pakage and refresh your Robot tray
Nupkg package folder:C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages\ProjectName.version.nupkg
Thank You…!!!

@Maneesha_de_silva @Palaniyappan @sunil_pendli Thanks a lot for your help bros. Now my tray shows empty. But I am trying to assign with orchestrator. It always throws an error “Invalid Machine Key”.

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Kindly mention the orchestrator url as per this blog

and make sure that the machine name mentioned in the MACHINE Tab is same as in your robot tray
and also the domain/username is same as what we get from cmd window with command whoami

Cheers @Irfan

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@Palaniyappan Thank you so much bro. It’s working :slight_smile:


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