Orchestrator robot shows disconnected

Orchestrator shows robot disconnected but robot tray shows connected.

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Please try to delete the robot and try adding it fresh once again, Make sure your machine ID is different from the one present now.

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I have deleted the robor and entire settings several times…still the problem persists.
Different machine id means different machine key?

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Yes correct a different machine key.
Is this your first time set up of orchestrator ?

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no, not 1st time…I had set it up previously but had some different, jobs kept pending.
so i deleted and tried ti create a new one but this time i am having this robot disconnected issue.

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I don’t see UI path Studio open in your system , you need to open UI path in order to show the status of the Orchestrator robot as AVAILABLE instead of DISCONNECTED.

Also can you please change the robot type to Unattended and try once.
Happy Automating!

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sorry brother, it didn’t work out…
studio shows orchestrator green symbol, robot tray also shows connected still it shows disconnected in orchestrator and gave also tried after changing to unattended robot.

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After doing a refresh , Please can you share screenshots of your Orchestrator robot here


Robot type is showing as Attended , can you change and send me screen shot?

Go to cmd prompt and type in as whoami and share that screen shot as well.

From where did you get the machine parameter as COGNITO_MACHINE , I assume that should be laptop-pi6gmi5 correct ?

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machine name can be set by me what ever I want, isn’t it?
laptop-… is for usename/ domain name, right?

Ideally Machine name should be your computer name . Hope it is working now.

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