How to define to append excel column B

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I have an excel file in which I need to add data from variables that I got from different sources (data scraping, screen scraping, other excel file). But how do I define that the info for a certain variable should be written at a new row (below the bottom existing one) in a specific column. For example var_age added as a new row in column “Age”.

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use append range activity and mention the range from B cell

Hi @pranesh

Thanks for your reply.
However I do not see where to indicate the B cell.
Can you show me?


Hi @yannip

The Append Range activity will automatically, well, “append” your data at the end of the file :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror

I completely understand. But the thing is I have 2 different datatables with both its own structure.
I want to copy column C of datatable 1 and append it in column B of datatable 2 and then write it to an excel.

The append functionality will automatically append in column A.

You could try shaping your data to match the target layout. You could add empty columns to adjust the positions of data. In this case, you could add a column at the beginning to push the values to be saved to column B.