Writing variables to a datatable and appending datatable to excel


I have a list of variables that I have saved data to. I am trying to add these variables to a datatable and then append that data table to an excel document. I am completely stuck and help would be great.

Hi @hamiltonjames,
use Build Data table activity to create a new data table from variables.
If you want to append to an existing excel , First use Read Range activity to read into data table and then use Merge Data table activity to merge the two data tables.
At last use Write Range activity to write it in an excel.


@hamiltonjames - You can add append range activity to append the datatable to existing excel.

if you you want to create datatable from variable follow step below

  1. you can add build datatable activity to create datatable with column and row whatever you want.
  2. then add row activity to create row from the variable.
  3. then append range activity to append existing datatable to excel.