Append data table variable into existing recent excel file which having data into it

Hi All,

I am having one scenario where i want to append data which i am getting in datatable variable to recent result excel file which having some data already into it rows will be not fix data will grow and create new file with name and system datetime.

Please help me into this., thanks in advance.

@amruta_pawar Are the Column in Excel and in Datatable the Same ? If So, then you an use Append range Activity

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yes, same it is but will append work ? as we dont know how much are active rows.

@amruta_pawar You can always Try and Check :sweat_smile:, And what do you mean by Active ROWS?

active rows means already data will be there some time it will be 3 rows or some time it can be 6 rows so how append can know from which row it have to append


@amruta_pawar Have you tried using Append Range and checked if that is the Output you need?

No worries
If the column structure, header, order and count is same between datatable obtained and the excel, then we can use APPEND RANGE activity
It would work for sure

Cheers @amruta_pawar


let me try

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ok will try

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i tried the same but one concern here is i will append data to recent file now how to save it with new name, i dont want append data in exsisting file i want to create new file which will have current transaction data as well as old data.

@amruta_pawar Then you’ll need to use Merge Datatable Activity and After All the Datatable has been Merged together in a Single Datatable, You can use Write Range and Write the Merged Datatable to it.

ok thanks for all your time, same way it worked

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