Captcha Handling

We are trying the handle captcha using UIpath Automation.
We are trying to achieve this DeathByCaptcha API but We Don’t know to integrate it with Uipath.(we already used HTTP activity to integrate but we are unable to upload the Captcha screenshot on their server/Website)
Anybody has Worked on DBC Captcha Automation using Uipath.

Hello @Rohan_Dhole

Have you gone through the below post?

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We didn’t get any Solution for solve the captcha using Uipath.

@Rohan_Dhole Usually CAPTCHA solving is not recomended as part of automation as its violation of security and CAPTCHAS are designed to over come this.

Is there any other authentication method available?

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Hi @Rohan_Dhole,

Captcha Solver - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

There is a catpcha solver on Marketplace that I also use for my clients. You can position it directly.

If you need to use DeathByCaptcha, you can download and sample the integration.

These products work very simply. Converts images to base64 and sends them to the service and returns string results.

These products will have control mechanisms that you should pay attention to. For blank results, they should be sent to the control without repeating more than 3 times. This way you pay less.


Thank you for your Reply!
In the postman, we send data (DBC credentials and CAPTCHA image) through Body > form-data. In UiPath, we use the HTTP Request activity to get there, but we don’t get the desired result. Could you please walk us through how to submit form data using the HTTP Request activity?

please check the screenshot attached

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there is no other authentication method available!
please check the screenshot attached