How to customize reframework to contain multiple dispatcher process within one reframework

Dear Developers, i have two dispatcher process… i want to combine these two dispatcher process in one reframework. i seek help on how to customise the reframework to fit two dispatcher process. kindly need your help

It depends on what your dispatcher processes are doing.

For example, if your both dispatchers are reading some data from excel files/outlook and adding some queue items to the queue, then in the re-framework,
get transaction data state - you can combine activities of both dispatchers,
process transaction state - you can use “Add queue item” activity twice to upload data of both dispatchers

Can you please elaborate what you are doing in your dispatchers?

Is there any specific reason, why you want to combine both dispatchers? If there’s no specific reason, I think you continue using both of them instead of making things complex.

Hi thanks alot for your response,

1st dispatcher process: fetch multiple files from a ftp folder and add item into queue
2nd dispatcher process: fetch multiple files from another different ftp folder and add item into queue

first dispatcher process has a different way of checking the files before we download the files from second dispatcher process, thats the reason i am trying to segregate the process. is this a good idea? sorry if its bad.

If both dispatchers are adding data to same queue, then you can proceed to combine fetching files process(parts of dispatcher 1 process and dispatcher 2 process which fetches data from ftp servers) in init state(in a single dispatcher)

Now that you have the data, remaining process will be same in next states. All data will be uploaded to your queue.

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this actually sounds way logical, will give this a try. Thank You alot

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