How to creating custom activity windows form dll with input and outputs

Hi everyone,

I am trying to recreate the custom input activity by using a custom activity in C#.
I’m new to C# and but have created previously some logical custom activities although nothing like what I am trying to do.

I’ve taken the approach of creating a windows Form class library.
I have so far managed to create the stand alone code in C# and I can open the html page within a windows form, however there are 2 mains areas that I am struggling on.

  1. I’m unable to create a custom activity using windowsForm. I’m unable to inherit from System.Activities to create the input and output arguments for UiPath to create a nuget package.

I’ve tried importing the form class library into a different class library which contains Input and Outputs, however I can’t create the Windows.Form object.

  1. Within the HTML page I am loading up, I can see that the method setResult is use to output a string back to UiPath. However I am unable to replicate this or add additional methods…

I am aiming to use this as a form of dashboard for an automation whereby I can pass in a pdf file location and the html file location.

C# would open up both the HTML page as an exe using uipath similar to how Custom Input works and open the pdf file.

I would want additional methods within the dll that can also control the pdf document…

I feel like I’ve hit a wall right now and I’m not sure what I should be looking into.

Thanks in advance.

Start with a class library, not a Windows Forms app. You class needs to inherit from CodeActivity. Here’s a tutorial:

I Try the same.
If you have anythink, please say me