How to Create Custom Window Form

How to create a Custome Window Form in UiPath

Create a custom form using VS .NET. You don’t necessarily need UiPath for that.

But we need in UIpath because in the automation we need some details from customer


can you achieve it using “input activity” ? here you can find more information about it.

give us more details, I guess it will be easier for the end user if you just use input activity, what about an excel file ?


Ok but here is an workaround.

  • create a form in .NET with fields to capture the data plus a submit button
  • launch it from your workflow
  • enter customer data
  • add a Monitor Events with a click trigger: Agent Assisted Automation - User Events
  • capture when the user press the OK button, scrape the data within the fields and close the form


ase provide

Hi badita please help if you have any demo on custome forms then please provide…

Hi ,
Could you please update if you have received the solution on building forms for taking inputs from the users.


Hi @RajiP

You could look into this activity :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror - Thanks for the response, however i dont have a HTML page to invoke with this activity. is it possible to create a page using UIPATH to get the input details from user?

There is a sample at the bottom of the page that could give you an idea :slight_smile:

Could you please share the link to the sample you are talking about?

Hi @akansal

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Please refer to loginerror’s previous response, posted: June 7, 2019.

below Windows form design can fulfill your requirement

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