How to created datatable through unstructured data

Hi there,
Does anybody know how to build a data table from unstructured data? I scraped data from various locations and separated useful data through string manipulation.

But now I am facing a problem of appending all data within a single excel sheet.

I want to append data into given format.

Extract_Company_Data.xaml (44.9 KB) Screenshot (46)

Please help me out guys!!!

@AMRITANShlal To Append all data within a Single Excel Sheet, we need to know what is the relation between them, So that we can join them together.


Hey @AMRITANShlal :wave:

Hoping that your string manipulations create a collection of similar data, you can use a Build Data Table activity and pass the data to the data table using Add Data Row inside a for/while loop.

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There’s no relation between data except they’re of type String.

Thanks @monsieurrahul

Yes the data is of type String.
I but my concern is hot to append all the data in single row?