Add data and data scraping

hello, I’m trying to add the data I got from data scraping to add data. When I write extractDataTable in the data row, it gives an error because there is no datarow. Can you help me to fix it?

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If you need to handle this error.

You can try with extractDataTable .Rows.Count>=1 in the If activity.


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@irem_dogan can you show me how you are adding data in datatable

I’m pulling data with data scraping

@irem_dogan can you show me ExtractDataTable type.
why you are not using arrayrow?

I tried because I didn’t know how to use it, but I couldn’t find how to convert the data.

@irem_dogan give me code I can adjust

By using this method you can add row by row only
Instead of
write the data into excel for 1st time and use clear DataTable
The next loop use Append Range activity and a clear data table

repeat the process, values will append in excel sheets

task3.xaml (14.3 KB)

but after I pull different data, I want to collect Buil data and print it to exel last.

@irem_dogan Yes it can

once you append data in excel, the next step uses a clear data table. Noe DT will empty, again it fetches data and append in excel then clear dt. the process will loop

hi my friend sent the project

@irem_dogan Give me few moments I m looking and then give you feedback

thank you I am waiting

Try this

Use Create Build data table with the same column
use merge datatable to append the values
Finally clear the Extract datatable
task3.xaml (14.1 KB)

@irem_dogan So according to code, you want to get data but also maintain old one everytime

yes i want to key all i got

@irem_dogan Can I maintain Excel file

first i want to move build by using add data latest excel