How to Create .xlsx File

Can any one help me to create .xlsx file. I tried following.
Activity name= Create File.
In property i set
Path = “C:\ABC”
Name= “abcl”+".xlsx"
But when i tried to open abcl.xlsx file the getting following error.


@vivekupadhyay, you can try using Write Range Activity to create even a empty .Xlsx file. Might not be a good solution though !

Dominic :slight_smile:

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Right on .not working. :no_mouth:
However try with .xls or .csv its working.

I got this to work by using an Excel Application Scope, which creates the file if it doesn’t exist.


Could u Explain method how to create .xls file

@599712 Its not a correct way beacuse Write Ranege will work if .xls files alreadey exist

Nope. @vivekupadhyay
@599712 his right.
Write range will create new excel file if not available.

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Hi vivekupadhyay,

Were you able to solve this issue?