Can't open xlsx created file

Hello friends,

I had created an xlsx file with “create file” activity, and tryin to write to it using workbook write range activity, the activity failed:

“message”: “Write Range: Archive file cannot have size 0.”,
“level”: “Error”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “11:40:36”,
“fileName”: “test (1) (1)”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.6850.13977”,
“jobId”: “a30fcb67-aa13-42c9-b681-b3812c6ad8f1”,
“robotName”: “*-attended”,
“machineId”: 1877763,
“organizationUnitId”: 1303714

when i try to open the created xlsx one i have :

Hello @abdel,

Could you share with us your workflow? Or some screenshots of the workflow?


hi can you translate what the excel message mean?

Hi @abdel

We dont need to create a file for excel
Just simply use write range activity if the excel file doesnot exist it will create and write it into the file
If it is already exist then data will be overwrited on that file


i think this is a good practice for making new excel file/write on excel file

if you create a excel file using create file acticity some of the metadatas of excel may be corrupted

So use write range activity directly

Hope the above statement helps you


yes thanks,
thats also what i mean ,
using write activity is a good practice when trying to new excel file and writing information on it,

but still thanks for the explanation it give me new info


hi @Ahmad_Rais

If its solves your issue
can you mark it as Solution so that it will be helpful to others also


Hi @abdel,

You can use “Excel Application Scope” for writing as it directly provides you the advantage of file creation just in case if it is not there.

Hi @abdel ,

Please look into the below reference screenshot.

You would have created the file using the .xlsx extension. So, instead of that try to create using the .xls extension and run the flow.

Make sure that, you uncheck the option Create if not exist checkbox.

After the flow run, when you try to open the file you may see the above error, and click yes. You can see your output excel without any issues.

Also, as @Robinnavinraj_S said, it’s a best practice to create excel if not present using the default option provided in the activity itself.
For the Excel application scope, need to check the Create if not exist and for Workbook write range it will create on its own if it is not present.


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