How to create write line activity to accumulate handled invoices after each round?


I’m working on with incoming invoice workflow exercise and pretty much got it right in the big picture (I hope). But I got stuck when trying to fine tune it… :sweat_smile:

Could someone help me how to create a write line activity, which would increase a number of rounds until it matches the no. of invoices. Perhaps I should use the processingIndex variable here, as I have not used it so far here…

I mean, that as a result, I’d like to have following text written on output panel on each automated run:
Processing scanned invoice file number 1

Processing scanned invoice file number 2

I tried some kinds of .ToString variations with processingIndex -variable, without luck. I know there’s a certain type I should be looking for, but how to look if I don’t know the name&logic?

And in general - how to get into this “how to create good write line activities”? As I’m new to this, I seem to get stuck on some pretty basic stuff. So if you have good tips for Academy trainings for these issues, I’d very happy for all help!


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Usually writeline activity takes in String variable as input
So if it is a int32 variable that we want to get displayed in output panel then we can mention in writeline as
“Processing scanned invoice file number”+” “+ processingIndex.ToString

Cheers @PaiviP

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Hi! Thanks a for help!
Actually it now displays during all rounds the max number of invoices on the output panel, so it does not work.

But I returned the file anyway, it does not need to be perfect as I’m working on BA-track. But boy it would be nice to understand all these things - it’s really annoying when I know something is relatively simple but I just don’t get it.

But thanks @Palaniyappan, and take care!