Invoice flow challenges

I created a process flow for managing incoming invoices. It is mostly done but I have a couple of issues to be solved.

  1. In the last two sequences, how to subtract one from the processingIndex
    variable to make sure the projects won´t go on forever. I tried it with a counter but I still get an error message when running the flow.

  2. What kind of write line code should I add to each sequence in order to display the execution message in the output panel?

Main.xaml (32.3 KB)


Sorry buddy I couldn’t open the xaml
I hope it’s due to Verizon issue
Can I have the error that we are getting if possible a screenshot of it


It’s purely based on our need buddy
And may I know what does this mean
If it is based on the process you can mention that text within double quotes as a string so that it will come in output panel

Cheers @Roggi


thanks for your answers. Here is the xaml file again, I hope it works this time. Main.xaml (32.3 KB)

The flow I am trying to build should be executable without any syntax errors, for the write line activity I want to add the commands that would display the action of each sequance to the user. I´m not sure if its as simple as just writing variable.toString for example.

Here is a screenshot of the error, unfortunately it´s not displayed in english:

Thanks and regards,
Röggi (4.4 KB)

Cheers @Roggi

Thanks for the answer!

I made some minor changes from yourfeedback, but my flow is still off.
What I´m hoping to see in the Output after executing would be something like:

  1. Reading files from invoices folder
  2. Reading files from order folder
  3. Processing next invoice
  4. Processing the order form orders folder
  5. scanned invoice 1 moved to Accounts, payable
  6. Processing next invoice file
  7. finding the order from orders folder
  8. scanned invoice 2 moved
  9. deleting files from invoice folder
  10. create final report
  11. Send report to FM

Right now the flow is skipping steps 4-8, after processing an invoice it jumps to deleting files from invoice folder.
invoices.xaml (33.1 KB)

Edit** I see that the issue appears to be in the flow decisions, I´m not writing the conditions correctly. Help here is greatly appreciated.

Hi Palaniyappan,

I´ve done soem changes do the document. I still have one issue to solve.

Once the flow is executed it should go back to the “get Next Invoice” and if the number of invocies is less than two the flow should loop around. If the number of invoices is = 2, then the flow moves to “End Process” sequence and executes the steps involved.

  1. How do I create the if or the do while condition to manage the switch? Soinvoices.xaml (35.5 KB) far I haven´t been successful.