I have use write cell activitiy and i have to write values one by one in that excel column

Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression ““G”+CStr(in_Transaction+1)”,
Operator ‘+’ is not defined for types ‘Uipath.Core.QueueItem’ and ‘Integer’


In_Transaction is a QueueItem? if you want you can use a For Each index to perform this task

In_Trasaction is a Integer then you have to give as below

“G” + Cstr(in_Transaction+1)

Also let us know the type of the variable


Please try this one:
This what you have to write in the Write Cell activity

But for incrementing the variable you can only use assign with the following:
inTransaction = inTransaction + 1

If you share more information I could help you further

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@Dawodm after using assign activity to increment in_TransactionItem also facing error like opeartor + is not defined to uipath.core.queueitem please suggest what i can use

from which type is the inTransaction variable? Queue item?

It is in queueitem

Can you please take a screenshot?