Add excel info in repetition process

Hello All

There is a situation like this in my robot. I created a repetitive operation for it, I created a variable starting from the number 2 (named index) and created . I also added at the end (assing: index=index+1). In other words, the process continues to work by taking the information on the bottom line in each repetition . But then I had a need. How can I call a data that I created in the excel file for each operation by type into activities type in. For example, when the robot repeats the process for the 3rd time, I want it to write the information in row A3 in excel. When it does the 4th operation, I want it to write the data in the A4 row. How can I do this to the part I have specified?

Here is the example I want to do

The 3rd process I want to write 3 july 2022 to the place I specified and 11:24 to the next place (in hours)
4th commit 3 july 2022 to the place i specified and 17:22 to the next place
The 5th commit will write 3 july 2022 to the place I specified and 19:55 to the next place

In this way, I want it to write the hours I set in excel to the process I want.
can you help me with this please?


You can use Write Cell activity and specify the range as let suppose you need to write to A4 row, then the range will be

A + index.ToString

Hope this will help you