How to create table in excel with sub-headers using Uipath

How do i create a table in this formate in excel

Experts please help

Hi @Tabbu

If you want to create a table like this , you need to merge the cells Using balareva easy excel activities

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This is my input file and according to that i need to generate my output.The output is which i have sent it before

Hi @Tabbu,

If my understanding is right, let me know that based on the input data which you have shared you require the output, that I understand. I need to know that can we use other 3rd party packages or you only need to perform through the available UiPath packages?


Only through uipath availble packges

Hi @Tabbu
please find the attached xaml file and also powershell txt then , kindly change the file path of excel in powershell txt(“line 2”) as same as in the write range activity of xaml file(ex:$strPath1=“D:\Powershell\Test\test4.xlsx”)
it will create a table like as you expected , after that process the input file and write into the created excel
it took
powershellmerge&table.txt (3.6 KB)
test6.xaml (6.9 KB)
usecase4.xlsx (9.4 KB)
nearly half day to create a excel like this , if it is helpful to you kindly mark it as solution

But i didnt understand wht you did.why u used txt file to read.As i have input file i can o read that only

Hi @Tabbu

In Uipath default packages there no activities to merge/create Border in excel
so i invoked powershell script if we directly used the powershell script its little complicated thats why i stored the powershell script as txt file and i used in invoke poweshell activity

I m getting this error in invoke power shell activity

in invoke powershell activity make sure that you enabled IsScript checkbox

It is,enable

could you share your flow

Just Now I asked my organization they gave the permission to add external packages also

this is my entire flow
Please extract it in C:\Users\Admin\Documents\UiPath inside the path
try out this
test (2).zip (9.8 KB)

Hi @Tabbu
Have you tired my workflow which i have shared previously. I have not used any of the external packages and i have developed the logic which works fine . kindly update me whether you have got the solution for your query or not

Thank you so much dear i got the output .But i dont understand how you build a logic in text file.Bcoz they are not allowing me to read txt file.They said take our excel only as input and also i can use other externl packages also

Hi @Tabbu ,

I understand your need. Actually, we can perform the logic without using text file also, by using 3rd party packages. But there is an issue which we would be facing is that, if we use 3rd party package, the execution of the workflow will get delayed as 3rd party package takes a bit longer to process.

So, in general the workflow takes 2 minutes, using 3rd party it may takes approx. 5mins - 7mins.

So, if it is ok then I will help you out in it.


Yess its fine no issue with timing

Hi @Robinnavinraj_S Can you pls help me out as early as possible.these is my starting requirment i need to proceed ahead after this

Hi @Tabbu

Please find the attached project
i hope it will help you
kindly mark it as solution

test (3).zip (9.7 KB)