Use excel functions after UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelCreateTable


I have some issue with table created manually vs table created with UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelCreateTable (link:

I tried to use the example from this page, however, I can’t use excel function on this table, as if it’s not a real table for Excel :
“=SUBTOTAL(109;[Age])” isn’t working for the table generated by UiPath, while I can use it when I am manually creating a table, we can see it on this file:
Example_2_tables.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong when creating the table with the example please ?
(Create (14.7 KB)

I can make it work with workaround like using the range of the column as the input and not the name of the column (“B2:B21” in place of “[Age]”), but it doesn’t seems right to me if the user is playing with the rows afterwards.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day :wink:

@Pika Please check below workflow,i have modified your workflow slightly, it is working fine now.

Create (14.2 KB)

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Syntax error is there…Use ‘,’ in replace of ‘;’ .


Name Age Adress
Inge Reinbold 35 817 Selby Court
Nicholas Mora 32 Westbury, NY 11590
Jan Asberry 78 24 W. Military St.
Lauralee Kreider 39 Hamilton, OH 45011
Nereida Reading 57 9652 Jefferson Ave.
Juliette Baize 30 Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
Glady Buch 30 60 Bohemia Drive
Karen Zeck 45 Venice, FL 34293
Chi Prochnow 40 9128 E. Wintergreen Rd.
Amie Mahi 18 Garden City, NY 11530
Elizabet Portera 76 8191 Peg Shop St.
Adelaida Motter 71 Tualatin, OR 97062
Torie Xavier 50 381 Union Ave.
Dominica Yant 47 Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
Brianne Lejeune 58 94 Amerige Street
Harlan Fansler 25 San Jose, CA 95127
Margherita Blomgren 57 35 Constitution Lane
Isiah Cosper 76 Massillon, OH 44646
Willian Mccallum 16 458 S. Glen Ridge Street
Breann Hiltz 17 Hampton, VA 23666
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@Manjuts90 Thank you for the great solution, because the table was expending itself, I didn’t even though about repeating the name of the table for the sum, and it was creating some error (or ‘0’ as result) because it was either not expanding or expanding without considering the row as a total one…
And, if I was writing a title for the new row beforehand in another cell (like "Write Cell ‘A22’ with ‘Total’ "), I would get ‘0’ as the sum because of the auto-expand without considering it as a total one too.
Well, I am giving all the infos as reference for future people who would like to understand why it isn’t working for them, it’s mainly the auto-expand of the table which is quite tricky (sometime as a “Total” row, sometimes not), the data about Total Row is in (after selectionning a cell of a table) Table Tools --> Design --> Table Style Options --> “Total Row”

@Sanjay3630 Thank you also for the typo error, I was having my problem in another language, and tried to change it in english for a better understanding there, didn’t see it was sometime “;” for German, French… and sometimes “,” for English mainly.

Also, for the info, we always need to write the function in English if we want to write it from UiPath (with a “Write Cell” Activity for example) and not afterwards manually in Excel, even if our Excel is in French or German (didn’t try with other languages).

So, this typo error explain why I was having some problems writing directly in Uipath, so Thanks :smiley:

@Pika Hi you still have any problem with the code?

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No, it’s perfect, thank you @Manjuts90 sorry, I wrote quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue: )

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@Pika okay buddy no problem if numbers of rows in excel is not static that can also be managed by uipath

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