How to Create Orchestrator Process in Uipath

Hi All

I have created a tutorial for the Orchestrator Process in Uipath and thought of sharing with you

Orchestrator Process will help you generate a web UI which can be accessed through the orchestrator interface. This can be really helpful for gathering inputs from end users while running processes in unattended bot


Hi @Alex_Benoni

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Cool video! Do you think you could include some written steps as well? An example of the project would be awesome as well.

Feel free to browse the categories with examples as mentioned here:

I think that a video is really nice, but it should be complementary to a well written blog post :slight_smile:


@Alex - The video is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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@Alex_Benoni ,

The tutorial is very useful and thanks for making it. But I am getting the following error. Do you have any idea why is it giving me this error.

Hi @MinalGupta

This is a server side error.Can you check whether your cloud orchestrator instance has Tasks listed in the sidebar ?



Its resolved… there was an issue in the connection string with robot.

But thanks for replying.

You video is awesome.


It says that i need UiPath.Form activities but I already have that dependency?
How did you resolve your issue?

@srdjan.suc - I downloaded Uipath.FormActivityLibrary package,

I cannot find that package, just UiPath.FormActivity.Contracts
I still cannot Open Form Designer with that package

Hi @srdjan.suc

You should be able to see this package on our official feed. Also, it should automatically install with the UiPath.Form.Activities as it is one of its dependencies:

Could you post a similar screenshot of how it looks for you?

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Sure here are few screenshots:

I have Forms activities just I cannot Open Form Designer

Hi @srdjan.suc

This is because the Official feed is disabled for you.

Please see here:

This bit:

Official - The official online UiPath feed, where you can find the activity packages that are officially supported by us. This feed is disabled by default, and has the following source:

Simply make sure that the feed is available in your feed settings and it will work.

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I guess I missed that. It works thank you

Happy robot sounds

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Updating with new screenshots

Here are some updated screenshots on how to create a UiPath Orchestrator process and subsequently run it with a robot.

This is the latest version of the UI in which the process is created. This is an unattended robot of course. My understanding is that support for Studio or StudioPro robots is ending.

How to run the process

And the following is how the screen looks when you go to run the process. Notice the unattended robot must be created in a previous step.


Keep it Hello World simple to start

In this case it was just a simple little UiPath Hello World application that was published to Orchestrator. I always recommend getting a simple application published to Orchestrator and running as a process before trying to tackle anything too complicated.