How to create invoice bill


I want to know, can we create invoice bill in Ui-Path. If yes, how can we do this?


Hi @Jasnoor

I think it’s possible, if you already have an invoice template, to add data based on the labels.
Do you have a process in mind? Like where do you want to get your inputs from? And an invoice sample?

Hi @ovi

I don’t have an invoice template, like a normal bill generation, as in make my trip after booking the flights, we get an email of our invoice bill receipt, like that can we do in uipath also.


Um… I would definitely need more details in order to provide an accurate answer. But UiPath has the tools for you to generate something like that.
So let’s say you’ve sold a book and you want to create like an invoice bill. MS Word for example has a bunch of invoice templates. You would have to get the inputs(invoice data to be) from a web page/email/etc. and keep them in a variable. Then, using string manipulation you would search for the amount and insert it into the invoice template under the Unit Price label. And so on with your other data(date/supplier name/customer/address/etc.)

I hope it helps.

What if, in amazon site, i select the book with its price tag and now directly want to generate an invoice bill of that, then how can i perform the step.


This is where billing and invoicing software comes in. It gives you the means to track your sales or services rendered, who was billed, the fees or charges applied, and when payment was received (or when it was supposed to be received but wasn’t). It also gives you a data path to record all of that data in your other accounting and bookkeeping systems. In accounting terms, this workflow is part of Accounts Receivable. No matter what type of business you have, you need accounting software to manage the money moving in and out of your accounts. I create my invoice bill from my accounting software.

Many of the billing systems we looked at let you enter and record the initial sales transaction, which is a good place to start the billing process. In accounting terms, this is called “Sales Order Entry” or simply Order Entry. Even if you’re just looking to send out a bill and receive payment, you still need to look at the Order Entry part of the system and determine how it will work with the kind of business you’re operating.
That’s why I always believe in professional software.