How to create charts in powerBi desktop using Uipath studio

Hello I wanted to find out if it is possible to create charts and graphs in PowerBi desktop using Uipath Studio. Is there like an integration that allows for one to use Uipath Studio to manipulate the graphs and charts in the powerBi desktop.

If you could please help with ways and examples of how to go about it, it would be much appreciated thank you.


No, it’s not possible…

Microsoft PowerBi Desktop supports only Power Automate… you can see that option in the visualization…

We can create the chats manually if the data present in the database…

So the live data will affect in power Bi Template…

You can try this:-


Create an RPA Flow that Connects to Power BI XMLA Data in UiPath Studio)%20after%20the%20Start%20activity.


Ok thank you for the feedback.


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