How to create bar charts using Invoke Code with excel datatable

I have to create bar charts based on excel sheets on daily basis, the range of datatable changes everyday.
I can not use existing libraries/dependencies/packages (Only libraries/dependencies created by UiPath are allowed on my machine)

Example table will be as below
Name Address Age
Bob 122 Main St 19
Tina 111 Rd 22

Please provide guidance

Set up the chart in the Excel file then use UiPath to write the data to the spreadsheet. The chart will update based on the data when you open the Excel file.

If it’s something where you need a fresh file every day, create a blank Excel file with the chart and use it as a template. Copy it to a new file, then write data with UiPath.

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Maybe a piece of VBA code you can invoke will do it?

Hey @ZOE

You can create a template in excel, jave a pivot table in it linked to the table.

I’m your process just copy the template for output file, then paste the values in the already created table in the excel template.

Then you can simply use Refresh Pivot Table and you’ll have your desired chart generated. We have used this for multiple assignments and it works the best when you need some pivot charts in output file.

Below doc gives idea about Refresh Pivot Table feature

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