UiPath Studio Data Analytic Tool for DataTables

Are there any data analytic tools within Uipath studio that would assist with csv spreadsheet reporting? If there is not, what is the best method to create a pivot table and how to format the pivot table? Any information would be very helpful, I appreciate your time.

There is a Create Pivot Table activity in the UiPath.Excel.Activities package. It should be noted, however, that pivot tables can only be put into Excel documents (e.g. xlsx, xls, or xlsm). A CSV is just a text file with data delimited by commas. That said, you can import the CSV to a table and use it to create a pivot table for a new workbook.

Anthony I appreciate your quick response and thank you for the information. do you know if there is a way to be able to control how the pivot table is formatted? for example if I have 300 columns of information, is there a way to select 5 specific columns to report on?

There is unfortunately no activity to modify the pivot table beyond this. This would be a great addition to the Excel activities, though.

A workaround you could use is to create a template with a pivot table on empty data sets with the filters already applied. Then use that template to populate the data and use the Refresh Pivot Table activity to update it.

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