About preparing Charts using Excel

I need to prepare chart like ( pie , line , bar , column ,etc ) by using excel datatable

But not to use packages like Balareva and Kanad.image charting
It also not using by macro

I need it by using invoking code c sharp or .net

Please provide me good solution so
By providing input as datatable into invoke code we get output as charts

Please help me out

Hi @Amar_Bhanvase,
How about make Excel template and just add datatable into sheet and all charts in templet will be reflected ? However you can also take alook in below URL please check and update us :slight_smile:

Yes I try
But as above mentioned one more thing is that ki
We have to make chart on another sheet
Not in same sheet

So just let me know
Any solution just fulfulling above all criteria as well

My proposed solution is to make Template Excel file contains all charts you need and when you generate your Data Source File and just take copy from Template file and update Data Source URL on it.
Hope this help you solving your issue

It will be acceptable and worked too

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