Registering for UI path

Hi all,

I am trying ot register for UI path community edition , but it is asking for Work email. I don’t want to give my work email as i am not allowed to. Is there any alternative for it. Kindly suggest.

You can use your personal mail ID also .

You can start from downloading community edition from the above link.

Welcome to uipath community

In website we get that
Where we can login with our normal common authentication like gmail mailid and it’s password
Once after logging in under Resources tab we can download the community edition

Cheers @sumant

Hi Team,

I am using my personal mail id only. But it is asking to use other mail id. It is not accepting neither,, Rediffmail or anything.

Can u please assist.

Thanks & Regards,
Sumant Kumar

Did you try with url
There we can find gmail authentication