How to create a Pop-up message before clicking Publish of a project?

I need to create a Pop-up message when a user clicks Publish in their Process.
Like for example, Do you want to Publish? Yes or No

This would default to be asked in any project created by a user for a tenant, user or group.

What is the best method to configure UiPath to do this?

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Was waiting for an answer to this topic to see if it is possible and someone knows.

not sure if that is possible, but it might be a good idea to have a feature Enforce Publish Confirmation via Popup, while publishing projects. @loginerror → any advise on this?


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Usually when you click on publish button it starts a validating the project

a pop up message on confirmation is not there for now
But might be added in future

Cheers @MaeHU

Hi @MaeHU

Could you maybe share your use case with us?

As mentioned above, Publish is already a two step process, so I am not sure I understand the added benefit of the third step.

We have a requirement to prompt StudioX users to agree to a term before they publish a bot in a Pop-up. Do I need to create a custom rule for this?