How to create a folder on specific date?

Hi All,

I want create a folder with current date on each day for example for today I need to create an folder 09/06/2022 for tomorrow 10/06/2022 and so on, after that I need to move a downloaded file from download folders to the newly created folder .

Please someone help me to achieve this.

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Hello @HeartCatcher

You can use Create Folder activity. In the Folder name field give as “now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)”

09/06/2022 will not allow as folder name. so you can use 09-06-2022

Ok, after creating where the created folder get saved??
I mean default location??

you can provide the path in the parent folder field. In that folder only the New folder will get create.


This will create a new folder and returns the full folder path.

Note: Give the parent folder path instead of “Data”.


that is my parent folder

Ok try this in Assign statement



You can use UiPath.Core.Activities.CreateDirectory

In the path. "C:\Users\NaveenkuS7\Documents\UMR_PDF\ "+Now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)

Ok thanks, If I wanna pass from the asset means??

Like this. Create a variable for saving the newly created file path.

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