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Hello Community,
I have made two sequence. One is for create directory according today’s date like image

and another is for move file one folder to that’s folder which I make previous.Like image

WfolderPath image:
Please help me, I want 1.Create folder *based on today’s date 2. Move files to that’s folder which created by first sequence.

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You are missing \ when concenating paths.

Do you have some error that program is giving ?

–initially use a assign activity like this
in_filepath = “yourfolderpath”+""+now.tostring(“dd_MM_yy”)
where in_filepath is a string variable
–then use a create directory activity and pass the above variable as input in the path property
–now in the move file activity use the same variable as destination

the reason why we use a variable is to make it robust

Cheers @Jesmine

Hello @Jesmine

I guess you aware of create directory activity.

Inside that you can pass expression as below

Todayfolder = "c:\user\uipath" +date. Now. Tostring(“ddMMyyyy”)

Here date format Should not contain “/” or" "
Like dd/mm/yyyy

After you can give the same path will moving the file


small typo mistake
in_filepath = “yourfolderpath”+“\”+now.tostring(“dd_MM_yy”)

Thanks @Palaniyappan,
This folder created by today’s date. I want to add the file name also.
in_filepath = “yourfolderpath”+"NewFolder"+now.tostring(“dd_MM_yy”)
It’s ok?

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Yah of course
we can concatenate with + symbol followed by your file name
Cheers @Jesmine

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so did that work buddy

Thanks Buddy @Palaniyappan ,
I am not able to check right now. I will inform to you after check.

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Kindly let know if any queries or clarification
Cheers @Jesmine

Thanks @Palaniyappan,
When it’s using in copy activity showing following error…

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yah in copy file activity we need to pass the file path and not the folder
i hope W_FolderPath has the path alone
kindly concatenate with any filename like this

Cheers @Jesmine

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