How to create a folder in current date and move the downloaded pdf

Hi All,

I need to create a new folder with current date and need to move a downloaded pdf file to the newly created folder.
I.e I need to create a folder in shared folder with the current date after that I need to move the downloaded pdf file to that newly created folder.

Anyone please do needful to do this


Assign → folderName=Now.ToString("ddMMyyyy)

user Move file activity and move the downloaded file to the folderName

\\Software Data\Automation\ATI_BOT\CIV\UMROutputPDF

inside that path I need create a folder with current date

Use Create Folder activity

like mentioned below

Use Create Folder Activty To Create The Folder with Todays Date(Now.Tostring(“ddMMMyyyy”)

Fetch Recent Download File From Download Folder :

Directory.Getfiles(Download_Folder_path).OrderByDescending(Function(F) New FileInfo(F).CreationTime).First

At last ,
move this File to Created Folder By using Move File Activity.

Hello @HeartCatcher

Is this a sharepoint folder? Also can you see this sharedrive as a drive in the local system(like c or a drvie?)

Its a shared folder

So if you search with “\\Software Data\Automation\ATI_BOT\CIV\UMROutputPDF” in the fileexplorer is it showing the respective folder?

Then you can use Create Folder activity.

In the Folder name give as Now.ToString(“ddMMMyyyy”)
Then after clickng on the download button, use wait for download activity. Then use a Move file activity to move the file to the Folder which just created.

HI @HeartCatcher

Try to use If condition and Create folder activity

If Condition

Not System.IO.File.Exists("\\Software Data\Automation\ATI_BOT\CIV\UMROutputPDF\""dd-MM-yyyy"))

Create Folder

"\\Software Data\Automation\ATI_BOT\CIV\UMROutputPDF\""dd-MM-yyyy")


Hi @HeartCatcher
Here we go…

Create Folder and Move (2.9 KB)

I need to create the folder every day on regular basis.

Yes, the current date folder will create every day @HeartCatcher



Check attached workflow (31.4 KB)