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How to creat a folder with current date and also I want to creat excel file with current date in current folder it should be repeat every time please help with this

Hey @murali_potnuri ,
Use create folder activity and Mention


Then use create file and mention



Hi @murali_potnuri

You can use the function Path.Combine to traverse into the structure of everyday folder & file creation. Try something like this:

This will create the folder everyday & inside the folder, it will create files that you want. In case of multiple files, you can also configure file names by adding a time stamp as per your requirement.

Output will be like:


Inside this folder, the file will be:


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But my excel file is downloaded from the application and that file should place in the current folder date with current file date

@murali_potnuri ,
Yeahh for that intially you create a folder like above and then while downloading the file give the same Below filepath.




Once you create the folder for current day, take an assign activity & design the filePath in which you want to save the file. While downloading the file, save the file to the designed filePath.

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Tq so much it’s working